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About Us

BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL a young school and its traditions are being formed and developed. I advise all our students to see that what you give to the school is worth giving work hard, play hard, give your best at all times do nothing which will harm your school’s good name. Establish your school in your hearts and in your minds as something of which you can be really proud.
"Teach yourself teach every one his real name, Call upon the sleeping soul and see how it awakes, power will come, purity will come, and everything that is excellent will come, when this sleeping soul is roused to self conscious activity."
We integrate the work and personal life into practice. Committed to the intellectual growth of humanity. Baba International School will soon occupy a place of eminence in the country by bringing about awareness in the mind of child we believe in learning through hands on Experience, Making the child learn, any where, anytime and enriching the skills.

School Motto

The motto of this school, “Engaging minds shaping future” was carefully thought of to portray the development of a child through the journey in school. Care at the tender age of primary school, capacity as the child grew to middle school and became aware of his or her talents and weaknesses and strived to overcome them, and capability as the youth matured to a fine individual well recognizing his or her aptitude and potential and further then to perfection.
The students are expected to strive for “VIRTUE” and “LABOUR” and to practice justice, charity, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty and gratitude. They must work hard in school and at home and realise the dignity of labour.


1. To provide qualitative teaching-learning process.
2. To work towards environmental protection and conservation.
3. To create a just society.
4. To promote human values and character formation.


Learning effective time management is the first step towards becoming an effective student. Time management is setting and following of a time table of study in order to organize and prioritise studies in the context of completing other activities. The focus of time management is not to make you a slave, to follow a rigid military like schedule. Rather, it means making intelligent decisions about when it is easiest and most efficient to get your work done and to free you from hasty planning and last minute study. Effective time management is to identify key areas of your study on which to concentrate in order to achieve overall result. Below are some important strategies to remember in managing your time effectively.
1. Organise yourself : Every day take time to think and plan your time fruitfully - paying attention to the tasks at hand. The type of focus it requires, the style of processing and the strategy of action. Review your plan daily and check whether you have met your targets.
2. Make a To-Do-list : Write down the things you have to do, then decide what to do at the moment and what to put off for later.
3. Prioritize your tasks : Check whether the task is urgent and important. Arranging your tasks in order of priority assures that you will get the most important things accomplished.
4. Set goals : Goals give you direction and a plan to spend your time. Select only manageable amount of tasks. Setting smaller goals allows you to actually accomplish them. Your goals should “stretch” but not “Break” you as you strive for achievement.
5. Make a time table : Check for yourself how much time you need to complete each task and then schedule that amount of time. Be flexible but do not give more than two hours at a stretch to any particular subject. Try to be regular and strict. Your reward will be seen in your meritorious performance.
6. Identify your Prime time : Some work better during the day while others during the night. Use your prime time to study.
7. Attack your difficult subjects first : Remember when you are fresh, you can process information faster and as a result save time.
8. Space your learning: Study in shorter time blocks with short breaks in between. This keeps you from getting fatigued. It is better to study one hour each day than to study seven hours during the weekend.
9. Develop Regularity : You will learn more and remember what you learn if you work in regular periods of study.
10. Conquer Procrastination : Sometimes studies are not done because we occupy ourselves with other activities. When you are avoiding something, break it into smaller tasks. Remember, the full use of today is the best preparation for tomorrow.
11. Display Persistence : Be prepared for a certain amount of discomfort or hardship. But remember, as a student studying is a perfectly normal activity and that it can bring its own rewards and satisfaction. Keep in mind that you have opted to pursue your studies, which will bring their own rewards.
12. Reward yourself : When you have a boring task which you prefer not to do, then promise yourself that as soon as you complete it, you will reward yourself with a pleasurable activity that you look forward to. Integrate work with play and relaxation, and you will be healthier, happier, dynamic and creative.
13. Impose Deadline : Deadline forces you to plan better. They automatically cause you to think about what has to be done, how long each part will take, when the best or most logical starting time would be. Deadlines get many tasks done and constantly keeps you focussed on your goals.


The main campus is located in Ujhani Road, Bilsi (Badaun) U.P-243633
Located over a lush green two and a half acres of land, the campus has separate playgrounds for primary children and senior school children.


The primary school has indoor and outdoor playgrounds that include swings, jungle gyms, a tree house, and a sandpit amongst others. 
The secondary school playgrounds include badminton, skating, football and table tennis facilities with a basketball court and multipurpose sports areas.


The school also has a well equipped science laboratory, an extensive library, a computer laboratory, an open air multipurpose auditorium, and an audiovisual room among other facilities.
The primary and senior classrooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies to facilitate e-learning.


Currently, the building and all open areas are being designed in a manner that enables linking the indoors with the outdoors. Outdoor learning and reading areas will be located throughout the school.
The primary school interiors are also hand painted and tiled with murals and pictures portraying the children’s favourite stories and characters.


The school has well integrated safety and evacuation processes with a Government approved fire protection system, backup generator and filtered water available for all students. School staff and contractors undergo frequent training in operating equipment and responding to emergencies.