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Bus Rules
  • Students are requested to be on their bus stops at least five minutes priror to the arrival of the bus.
  • Buses will not wait for late comers.
  • Children should always stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  • No Students should try to board the bus until it has stopped completely.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only unless directed by the Transport in-charge/Teacher in charge.The list of stops is prepared keeping in views the convenience of all and is subject to change.
  • When the bus is in motion,students should not move around in the bus,they should not let any part of their body out of the bus.
  • Students will be held responsible for any damage to bus caused by their negligence or vandalism.
  • No Student is allowed to eat or discard trash or food inside or outside the bus.
  • Shrieking shouting unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited.
  • The driver's attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  • The teachers commuting by bus and studens bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in buses.Any serious offence must reported to the Principal.