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Facilities for our Students

We encourage the development of self-esteem, independence, curiosity, creativity & competency through meaningful & enjoyable hands-on activities.

Activity room

School facilities are one of the basic educational requirements, and it is necessary to maintain safe and high-quality school facilities from the perspective of maintaining and improving educational levels in line with the developmental stage.


All classrooms are spacious, bright and cheerful, with a large inventory of books, toys and games, which makes this place a special one.

School Garden

To understand the nature and every creature irrespective of their size and their habitat we open the door to our garden. It creates an awareness for Go Green kind of initiatives.

Play Area

We provide swings, slides and climbing structures with all safety features, which helps our children to develop control in moving, climbing & balancing. And such activities are always done in presence of supervisor and teachers

School Kitchen

We provide a wholesome meal prepared hygienically in our own in-house kitchen. We make every effort to accommodate nutritious food along with fruits. The menu is planned on a monthly basis. We only provide mineral water.


A fleet of good transport facility is available and it is very efficient and time bound in every route. The pickup time would be conveyed to the parents at the time of admission. We have care takers in our vehicles to ensure the safety of our children and to make them sit comfortably.

Wash Room

The wash rooms are well maintained, hygienic and specially designed for small kids. The care takers ensure frequent visits to take care of the needs of little children.

First Aid

We have a suitably stocked and placed first-aid box and an appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements within the premises. The school has access to a General Physician and a Pediatrician in the event of a need for a doctor.

Medical Examination

There will be 2 pediatricians visiting BIS kids once in 3 months to conduct a complete free medical examination of each child. We will be maintaining health records of every child in the school. Every time during doctor’s presence, the dates are being specified to the parents and are requested to accompany the child at the time of the examination.

Sleeping Room

We have a quiet room exclusively to care for children when they are sleepy, tired or ill. This room is always under close supervision of our care takers. The facilities are provided specially for day care kids too.

Day Care Facility

We have air-conditioned and comfortable day care facility for our children from 2 years upward. They are provided with breakfast, lunch and an evening snack except milk. We have dometry exclusively to care for children when they are sleepy, tired. This room is always under close supervision of our care takers. Apart from that, our children are always engaged in constructive activities.


“Books wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” We humans lose ourselves in books yet find ourselves there too. Inculcating this very habit of book reading is highly stressed upon at Sapphire. Thus, keeping this in mind we have a library secluded from the tumult of the effervescent school. Keeping up with the tech savvy generation, Sapphire also provides the students with e-books which entice them greatly and inculcate in them the habit of reading.

Science Lab

Our Science Lab is a capacious room which caters to the experimental minds of our students.Lab activities and experiments engage student’s mind which help them to acquire necessary skills, knowledge and confidence. The lab is equipped with the latest equipments as per CBSE curriculum where students carry out their experiments in an innovative and inspiring environment.

Math Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunity to make conjectures and test them, and to generalize observed patterns.Thus, this was the sole reason that we were inspired to provide our little mathematicians with a mathematics lab. Our lab is equipped with all the equipments which aid in learning in an innovative and fun environment.

Computer Lab

“Two internet-enabled computer laboratories with computers are designed to meet the students’ Information Technology needs. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology driven world."


A healthy mind in a healthy body’– following this mantra Baba International School believes in the holistic development which plays a pivotal role in the upbringing of our pupils. The fact that children develop very well through activities like swimming and sports is never underestimated at BIS. The students settle well, break their personal barriers and interact with ease during such activities. We offer various sports activities like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Skating, Tae-kwon-do and Swimming.